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The Journal is founded in 2011 by the University of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine (Kyiv)

Publisher – Cherkasy Institute of the Banking University

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Number 3 (23) • 2016

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Doctor of Science in Economics, Professor, “European University” PHEE


PHEE «European University»


The article is about the criterion of optimal investment portfolio which is presented as a portfolio that provides the greatest profitability per unit of risk, it means that expected profitability of optimal portfolio concern to the least risk. It has been suggested as a measure of risk to apply a standard deviation o profitability performance. The portfolio will be more risky with the greater the value of the profitability performance. It has been proved that the operations management for investment activity should be explored in two aspects: operations management of real investments (management of real investment projects implementation);operations management of financial investments portfolio. It has been argued that the operations management of financial investments portfolio means justification and implementation of management decisions that ensure to compliance the target investment direction of financial portfolio in accordance with the financial parameters of profitability, liquidity and risk. It is proved that a separate element of management subsystem of attracting the investment resources should be the activity for attraction the financial investments. Also it is important the selection of tools to mobilize resources. It has been outlined that small businesses can attract investment resources only in the short term through the issuance of promissory notes, whereas, for example, medium businesses can use bonds as tools to attract investments (for medium-term investment) and stocks (for medium-term and short-term investments).

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